About The Firm

Harris, Martin, Jones, Shrum, Bradford & Wommack, P.A. provides comprehensive and sophisticated legal services to small businesses, to professional individuals, and to creative and executive personnel active in the music and entertainment industries. We have been located on and have been an integral part of Music Row since 1985.

The firm is known for its focus on the challenges of the music and entertainment industries; fully half the lawyers concentrate their practices in these areas.  The firm also provides a wide variety of traditional legal services. We negotiate and prepare contracts. We practice dispute resolution and engage in business-oriented civil litigation and copyright  infringement litigation. We register copyrights and trademarks; we organize corporations, limited liability companies, and other forms of business entities. Our lawyers are also qualified in the areas of family law and professional negligence.

The atmosphere in our firm is both relaxed and professional.  Each of our lawyers has particular strengths. As a firm, we encourage the development and enhancement of those strengths.

At the heart of our long history as a firm has been the development of personal relationships with our clients based on commitment, trust, and success. Our goal is to contribute positively to our clients’ success, and to keep our clients informed and satisfied. We strive to stay abreast of change and to serve and assist our clients with each new challenge.